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Looking for an app that can be used at any level, K-12?  Toontastic is that app.
Initially offered as a free app with in-app purchases, Toontastic lets anyone become their own storyteller.  Through a step-by-step process, you choose your background, characters, props, and even built-in background music.  But where the app really excels and gives students creative freedom is the story plot.  Toontastic has a “Story Arc” that allows up to five scenes to tell the story that follows the plot scheme of all stories.  Great for teaching story development.

Manipulation of characters is also a key feature that expands the creative boundaries. While telling a story you can move a whole character while the limbs move automatically or you can move limbs individually.  You can even pinch in or out to make the character bigger or smaller.  Want to rotate a character?  Use two fingers once again to rotate in any direction.

When you are finished recording a scene, you can change the mood and Toontastic will choose a classical song for you.
Once your story is complete, You can export it as a video that stays within the Toontastic app, or you can export it to the Toontastic website, ToonTube.  Unfortunately, those are the only ways to export.

With a little creativity from the teacher, this app can be very versatile and used a number of different ways.

How Students Could Use Toontastic

  • To help develop a short story.
  • To learn/practice strong dialogue within writing.
  • To review vocabulary words from any subject by putting them in a different context.
  • To demonstrate understanding in various subjects on various topics.

Available on the following platforms:

  • iPad
VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
Rating: 7.8/10 (4 votes cast)
Toontastic, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

Jarod Bormann is a MS/HS English teacher in a 1:1 school district with iPads in grades 9-12. The Central Community Jr.-Sr. High adopted their 1:1 initiative in the December of 2011 and looks to add the middle school in the future. Jarod has his Bachelors from Iowa State University and is currently working towards a Masters degree in Instructional Technology from the University of Northern Iowa. He enjoys incorporating technology as a tool to construct learning in the classroom. Besides teaching, Jarod also coaches middle school and little kids wrestling, spends time with his wife and three kids, and enjoys finding new ways to incorporate technology.
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