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Qrafter is a universal app that interprets those digital masterpieces, QR Codes.

I began introducing my students to quick response codes 2 years ago. Very few had heard or seem them, but it was a fun and educational way of getting them to use their cell phones and iPods for more than just texting or social networking. At that time, I needed administrative permission for the students to use their devices. Our district has since relaxed (updated) or electronics policy and using QR Codes in the classroom, hallways, etc. is even easier.

I took a great webinar yesterday through Simple K12-Using QR Codes to Engage Students. This webinar reawakened my desire to use them in educational situations. You can see more about QR Codes at http://thetransitionteam.weebly.com/for-teachers.html.

Qrafter is an app is easy to use. Once the app is on your device, you simply tab the Scan button, tap Scan with Camera, hold it up to the QR Code and presto chango-the info on the QR Code is displayed on your screen. Once the info is displayed, you can also choose the following actions: Display QR Code (where you can change the color of the code, screen capture it and then let your creativity run wild), send it to your email, Facebook or Twitter or-copy it to your clipboard. Note-most QR Codes I’ve encountered are URLs.

Qrafter also has a feature to scan a QR Code from your Photo Album. Perhaps a useful tool if you don’t have time to investigate the code right away, but can snap a pic to check it out later.

With the pro version-you can also create QR Codes. (I use http://www.qrstuff.com/ to do this.)

Sounds great but you still don’t know how QR Codes could be used educationally??? During the Simple K12 webinar, Carol Nelson noted the following uses: putting them on worksheets, taping them into textbooks, word documents or how about a scavenger hunt. I think that if used to motivate students or expand their knowledge base-QR Codes are a great tool in the classroom and interpreting them with Qrafter makes that more possible.

QR Codes lend themselves to meeting the needs of 21st Century skills through helping to address Information Media and Technology Skills. With the teacher’s knowledge of content and knowing how QR Codes can assist with the pedagogy (strategies) for developing critical thinking and creativity.

So if you haven’t already, check out some info on QR Codes and try Qrafter.

You can see more about Qrafter on the app store.

Reviewed by Michelle Naymick

VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
Rating: 9.4/10 (5 votes cast)
Qrafter, 9.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
Jeffrey Bradbury
Jeffrey Bradbury

Jeffrey Bradbury teaches in the North Brunswick Twp School District. He teaches Music Theory, Music History and has a wonderful high school orchestra that he is very proud of. Jeff earned his Bachelors and Masters Degree from West Chester University in Pennsylvania. In his free time, Jeff enjoys teaching, playing violin, conducting, web design, and podcasting. You can find him on his website www.TeacherCast.net where he writes blogs, creates Audio Podcasts, reviews apps, and provides Screencasts to help teachers learn how to use todays technologies. @TeacherCast. For Music Lovers, he can also be found at: www.BradburyMusic.com
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